About Us


Aphroconfuso is a literary journal in the Maltese language launched on the 1st of May 2023. We take our name from the first printed description of the inhabitants of the Maltese Islands, Jean Quintin d’Autun’s Insulae Melitae Descriptio, printed in Lyon in 1536. “Siculo sunt homines ingenio, Aphro confuso: ad praelia parum fortes & commodi.” The people have a Sicilian character, with a mixture of African: they are not strong enough for, nor adapted to, warfare. The name is more relevant as a symptom than a specific agenda. We want to be confident and curious about Maltese identity, exploring its new horizons beyond the well-trodden binaries of Maltese/English.

We are interested in publishing essays, stories and poems—and also literary works that are harder to classify. We are interested in translation, in the coexistence of a small language among global languages, as well as in the expression of global ideas in our language. In our first issue of the journal, for instance, we published a transition memoir; an essay on the history of the translation of Gilgamesh into Maltese, in the context of the pan-Arabist movement, together with a proposal for a new translation of Gilgamesh; on the centenary of the first publication of La coscienza di Zeno, we published a translation of its first chapter and an accompanying note on peripheral languages; an epic poem that takes place in contemporary Malta that exploits the mythological history of the Maltese islands; a satire on contemporary Maltese life and the sale of its own image; and a story about two women from Burkina Faso who are raising a daughter in Malta. Our interest is open, especially to feminist experiences, marginal and queer realities.

Although we are open to all other formats, we believe that there are great advantages to publishing our journal online. We want to create a sustainable journal and don’t want to seek its prestige only when/if we eventually use the printed form. For this reason we are defining Aphroconfuso as an online literary journal. However, we do not exclude any other format that can supplement the online format. Other formats may include print publications, podcasts, audiobooks, e-books, physical or online events, and others.

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